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Looking for 4 Show Girls during The Business Show 2019

Good morning, we are going to have a 1/2 stand during The Business Show 2019, that will take place in ExCel on May 15th and 16th. The event link:

We are looking for 4 show girls during this business exhibition (both days).

The price is £100/day + £20/day for your food and transport needs (you can spend them as you wish).

Girls will be split in 2 pairs. Each pair will have an attached photographer (both female photographers we have already worked together with).

You will be giving out leaflets (flyers), smiling and making photos with attendees of this business show.

This is the type of the dresses we are planning to have – only with our logo, of course:

Only the thing is – there are several girls who have already said that they are interested – although, we am still waiting for their confirmations. For this reason we can’t promise that the job is yours.

If you like what you heard, please fill in this form and we will put you on the list and will let you know in 2 weeks time if you’ve got the job.

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