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The Business Show 2019 – We killed it!

We participated at The Business Show 2019 for the first time and let me tell you now we killed it. Our stand and staff delivered an excellent understanding of what we do here at VLSA, which generated a huge amount of interest amongst businesses.

VLSA presenters and 2 of the founders at The Business Show 2019

So, what factors played to our success in our first ever expo? First and foremost, our models were bringing interested individuals and groups left, right, and centre. Our lovely models wore a red dress with our logo printed on the front and back and were tasked with handing out leaflets giving brief information about our service. If a conversation held and there was a sign of interest, they would re-divert the interested parties to the sales team and partners who would then explain in detail how they could help benefit the party’s business.
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Accountex 2019 pen review

Do You Invest To Impress?

unnamed pens - Accountex 2019 pen review

Accountex 2019 had an impressive turnout, with over 200 individual and corporate businesses showcasing their services, innovations and solutions. The team at VLSA gave me a funny mission of seeing how many pens I could collect within the Hour. Sad, I know, however it allowed me to see who was willing to spend big on their pens and what approach they had towards it. This blog will analyse what kind of pens businesses gave out at Accountex. Continue reading Accountex 2019 pen review