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Accountex 2019 pen review

Do You Invest To Impress?

unnamed pens - Accountex 2019 pen review

Accountex 2019 had an impressive turnout, with over 200 individual and corporate businesses showcasing their services, innovations and solutions. The team at VLSA gave me a funny mission of seeing how many pens I could collect within the Hour. Sad, I know, however it allowed me to see who was willing to spend big on their pens and what approach they had towards it. This blog will analyse what kind of pens businesses gave out at Accountex.


The Standard Ones

This is what I saw being mostly handed out at Accountex, same pen, different company. It was a little laughable that I though everyone must have chipped in together to receive a discount of some sort. I believe the pens looked okay at best, yet the quality of the pens was not so great as they all felt cheaply made.

The standard ones - pens


The Cheap & Cheerful Ones

It’s in the sub heading, these pens indeed look cheap however looked a little nicer, less corporate and showed more personality, then the colored ones did anyway. the white ones in my opinion looked very bland. The pink one by reducer was the only pink pen through all 82 pens collected. They did their homework it seems. This was a nice change from all the other pens.

The Cheap & Cheerful Ones


The Heavy Metal Ones

I’ve always liked these types of pens, as it holds a nice balanced weight, showed professionalism and looked like a bit of money had been invested into printing logos and text onto these pens. These pens were definitely not as common as the standard & Cheap n Cheerful ones. It looks visually appealing in my opinion when you see metal and color mix together, a little like an iron man pen. Personally, these pens are my favorite and it’s a good thing i’ve stocked up.

The heavy Metal Ones


The Unique Ones

Now these are the pens which had thought behind them. From glow in the dark pens showing the logo when your trying to sleep (annoying yet effective), to a pen which unfolds a small piece of paper with a company’s information. I was impressed with SOLDO’s pen as it is a BIG pen who are a very large and well-known pen company, it was like finding gold amongst copper. I included the multi switch pen in as this was the only one of its kind I could find within the expo, and although it’s a very “Boring” pen, it fit well within Accountex, so bonus points to Castaway for that.

The Unique Ones - pens


The ones who did it right

Now these pens were all a one of a kind, no same manufacture clashes. These pens were all independent and stayed one of a kind within the expo. This was nice to see as it gave me a variety of pens to work with in the future.


Overall, most boothes offered some sort of merchandising with their company logo and print name on it. It was surprising to see how many companies went for the same type of pens. The world’s a small place. VLSA had a great time at Accountex, from seeing small businesses offering great services to large companies bringing new technologies and softwares to the table. It was a great experience and was a very informative event.

Overall Accountex offered a lot, from small businesses offering great services, to big companies showing their latest updates. As a first time experience at Accountex, i enjoyed the business atmosphere seeing many talented individuals promoting their companies POD (Point of difference) ( competitive advantage). It showed real hunger and this was inspiring to see.


Article by: Stan Milanovich

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